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Mr.Mwixon Kapanji is the Managing Director and CEO of the Company.  After having successfully operated Mwixonics Technology Systems cc (MTS)in South Africa for 8 years,were he learnt business management,project management systems,ICT,electrical and electronics services and R&D.   He mixed with many varied business moguls,and established Mr.fix-it concept in South Africa 2008 in Braamfontein,Johannesburg.He later relocated to Zambia in 2010 and established Mwixonics Engineering Enterprises,then incorporated it as a limited company in 2013-Mixonics Engineering and Constructon Company Ltd(MECCO),trading as Mr.fix-it(Zambia),Mr.Build-it(Zambia) and BIABA projects(Built In Africa By Africans).He is a Creative Director and Innovator of Zambian and African projects or products,the mixonics Nshima cooker pot,the Auto toilet system(auto chimbudzi) and upcoming industrial projects.The Mixonics organisation strives to advance the technology edge in Zambia and the Southern African region.
Our current management and staff at MIXONICS are:
The Managing Director,Secretary/PA-Receptionist,Buildings Supervisor,Electronics/IT Support technician and Electrical Technicians.