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Laptop Repairs »

We offer the following repair services such as:

LCD Screen Replacement

8.9"-From K400,000,    10.1"-From K700,000,    13.3"-From K850,000,    14.1W"-From K650,000,    15.0"-From K400,000,    15.4W"-From K650,000,    15.6"-From K1,400,000,    17.0"-From K1,200,000 .

Laptop Battery Refurbishment

Replacement of new Lithium-ion and Nickel Cadium cells

New laptop batteries

From K500,000 as well as  fairly used batteries (>1HR)

Laptop main board repairs

For example; no power, not detecting hard drive, etc

Laptop Charger (power packs) repairs

Done for all common laptop chargers